The Stafford Knott

Below is an illustration of the heraldic standard of Henry Stafford, second Duke of Buckingham, at the College of Arms.  Its date is around 1475. The standard shows the cross of St George in the hoist, as was normal in the Middle Ages, the Stafford family livery colours of red and black, the Knot badge

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Josiah Wedgwood – from humble potter to household name, by Neil Thomast

Wedgwood is synonymous with the pottery industry of Staffordshire to such an extent it is hard to grasp how far and fast it changed two and a half centuries ago. Most of that change was the achievement of one man, Josiah Wedgwood, albeit aided by many others in different ways. Pottery has been manufactured in

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Aaron’s Film Prop Blog

The acclaimed Ingestre Lodges in a Ingrestre, Staffordshire, not only features beautiful accommodation (for up to 22 people!) in the heart of the British countryside, but each room is a treasure trove for the discerning film buff. Each eclectically styled by Aaron’s production designer mother, the dwellings feature furniture that has been salvaged from famous

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Visitors to English parish churches are often struck by the profusion of heraldry to be found in so many of them. This is particularly true of the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Ingestre, because its builder, Walter Chetwynd, was an enthusiastic antiquarian and scholar of armorial bearings. Walter encouraged his friend Dr Robert Plot

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